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We Don't Believe in Self Defense

What!? What do you believe in then!?

The simple answer is we believe in
Threat Management

This is a very tricky subject for many people.  There are many out there who don't like fighting and/or violence.  Most of the time it is because they are uneducated when it comes to violence and have innate fears perpetuated by popular media.  We strive to educate and debunk myths to help people prepare for violent situations because whether you like it or not the person attacking you will be very comfortable with violence and very willing to use it.

We educate at your pace in a progressively dynamic curriculum that emphasizes repetition and simplicity.  When the S*&% hits the fan you will not be able to remember all those complicated moves.  Your body will remember the simple moves you have drilled over and over.

We believe awareness, avoidance and overall confident bearing will solve many problems before they present themselves.  We do acknowledge that sometimes no amount of awareness or avoidance will be successful. 


Should this situation arise, we believe in providing a variety of tools with which to address the threat.  Unlike many other schools we do not teach one or two techniques that will "work every time" because the reality is NOTHING works every time. 


We therefore teach a series of concepts that form a framework within which you can respond to a threat and survive.   None of this can be learned in a  single session with any permanence.  We offer our seminars to give you a barometer of your competency and needs.  To become truly proficient you need repetition.  We recommend ongoing education.

If you don't like fighting or violence

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