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Junkyard Fitness And Fighting Arts

We're More Than a Fight Club.  We're a Life Club

Helping people find mental clarity and peace through hard work and discipline.

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Coach Brandon Crick has been coaching since 1998. 

From kids to adults he has seen multiple successes in competition,

but he considers his biggest achievements to be the lives he's

influenced and changed through martial arts.


Our Methods

Foundational fitness and Coordination

We begin with the basics.  Before you can effectively fight or defend yourself you have to know how to stand and how to move.  After that you have to know how and why we apply each technique.

Strength Endurance and Basic Skills

Once you can stand and move correctly we begin with the foundation of all fighting arts.  The basics.  More competitions have been won or lost because of the basics than anything else.

Skill Refinement

Now you know the basics.  The next step is refinement of those basics and expansion of your tool box.  The more you know, the more you realize you have to learn.


Whether in the gym or against other academies, the best way to test the effectiveness of what you've learned is to test yourself against a trained opponent.  In competition you win or you learn.



Our memberships are month to month. 

There is no limit on the amount of classes you can attend or time you

can spend in the gym.  If you want to work on technique or fitness in another

part of the gym while a class is in session that's more than ok.

Our family plans offer huge discounts for opening.

We do not give any discounts other than family plans. 

We feel everyone should be allowed the same chance at membership

regardless of background.


Q: What styles do you teach?

A:We teach true mixed martial arts which means you will learn all aspects every class but we’re based in Dutch Kickboxing and Catch Wrestling


Q: What days and times can I come in?

A: All days we are open!  If the doors are open you can come in and work out.  We just ask you don’t disturb the class that is in session.


Q: Do you teach women?  Kids? Older people 60+?

A: Yes.  We tailor the workout to your needs and abilities.


Q: Can I try it out to see if I like the class?

A: Yes!  You get a free week to try us out.  Come in and find out first hand what we are all about.  

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